Are teddy and spencer really dating

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She loved his arm around her shoulders. And now just because they were broken up didn't mean that the attraction was gone.

If possible, he was even more attractive now than he was when they were dating. Teddy herself had lied to Spencer after he followed her to the Ski Resort and kissed her on the ski lift. Her mind was not yet able to come to terms with Spencer possibly being the guy the psychic told her was the love of her life.

Are Teddy And Spencer Still Dating In Real Life

So she lied to him by telling him that she did not feel anything when they kissed and sent him away. It actually broke Teddy heart a little when she saw him after that. The next day their first performance as the Princess and the Frog was one of the most nerve-wracking days of Teddy's life. Spencer looked so handsome in the Prince outfit. The feel of his hand on her back as he guided her through the dance made her nerves almost scream.

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But when he bent his head down for the briefest of kisses, a feeling like that of a simmering volcano threatened to explode and she ran away from the performance in a panic. Later that day when the doorbell rang, Teddy opened the door to Spencer who wanted to talk to her. Nearly trembling, Teddy stepped outside to talk to him.

Spencer told her that he would quit the job seeing that Teddy got the job first because kissing him made her feel bad. Teddy then admitted that on the contrary, the kiss was good and not bad and she was now completely confused.

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The truth was Teddy had never lost her feelings for Spencer. Yes she was angry with what he did to her but deep down inside Teddy knew that he was the love of her life and the brief kiss only confirmed her thoughts. Then Spencer took Teddy's hand and apologised for hurting her so much. He then cupper her cheek with his other hand and kissed her once more. Teddy felt as though she was floating towards heaven.

When the kiss ended there was no doubt in her mind — yep Spencer was the one. After Amy gets Teddy a car so she never has to kiss Spencer, she decides to get back together with him, and Bob and Amy give their blessing. Teddy and Spencer are happily back together and are still working at Super Adventure Land.

The couple is tired of performing outside in the heat all day, so they audition for an inside job as George and Martha Washington. Spencer gets the job, and Teddy doesn't. When Spencer's new co-worker attempts to flirt with Spencer, Teddy ruins their first show as she dresses a Ben Franklin. After the show, Teddy and Spencer kiss, and are subsequently fired since some kids found "George Washington" and "Ben Franklin" kissing.

With Teddy and Spencer back together, Spencer hasn't won a single basketball game, causing the whole school to think Teddy is a jinx. In order to prove them wrong, Teddy and Spencer stage a fake break up and plan to announce their "reconciliation" after Spencer wins the game.

Teddy accidentally gets excited too soon when she thinks Spencer has already won the game and goes ahead and tells people that they never broke up. Spencer is now under pressure that he has to make the next shot or they loose the game. Spencer makes the shot and wins, and he and Teddy hug. The couple plan to go to prom together after Teddy makes a big deal about Spencer asking her to the dance properly. Amy forces Teddy to wear her old dress from her high school prom, but Teddy changes her outfit when she and Spencer leave.

Before the two are able to get to the prom, Teddy gets a text from PJ, who tells her that he is having a terrible time at his prom with a girl who his homeschooled.

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Spencer and Teddy decide to go to PJ's prom instead to liven it up, and when Teddy asks if Spencer is okay with being at this terrible prom, he replies by saying "as long as I'm with you, I don't care where we're at. Spencer and Teddy secretly rehearse and perform in a musical and are trying to hide it from Amy because they think she will steal the spotlight once she finds out.

When Amy does discover their secret, she and Teddy have a small fight but make up later, and the show goes on. Shortly before their ten-month-anniversary, Teddy reminds Spencer of the date, and it seems that he has forgotten but tries to hide it. He tells her that he plans to take her to a fancy dinner for their anniversary. However, when he comes to pick her up the next day, Teddy is forced to take her Grandma Linda along because Amy can no longer stand having Linda in the house.

Teddy and Spencer try to have a nice dinner, but it is interrupted when they lose Linda and have to return home to find her.

After seeing Spencer's volleyball game, Teddy becomes inspired to join the girl's volleyball game. They chat about her joining even though she is not the most athletic of people. For their one year anniversary, Teddy enlists PJ to cook a special dinner for her and Spencer. She sets up a nice date at PJ's apartment so that Spencer won't suspect the surprise and decorates it to look like Paris.

However, during the date, Teddy gets upset because Spencer doesn't remember how they met.

He makes it up to her by telling her how long they had been apart. Spencer and Teddy have a small fight after Spencer doesn't make a big deal out of a problem that Teddy is having at school. Spencer then takes relationship advice from Bob, who says that the key is to make a big deal about everything, even if it's not even worth getting upset about. Teddy and Amy overhear this and teach the men a lesson.

Teddy pretends to be mad at a salesmen and enlists Spencer to confront the big, scary salesman until Spencer finally admits that he took some bad advice from Bob and apologizes to Teddy. Teddy and Spencer bring Charlie to see Santa Clause. Unfortunately, Santa goes on break before Charlie can see him causing Teddy to get frustrated. Teddy ends up in Super Adventure Land jail again. Spencer recuses himself from testifying because he's in happy relationship with Teddy.

They sing "Song for you" during the Duncan's talent show. When Spencer gets accepted into a performing arts school in Boston, he must leave immediately. He and Teddy try to maintain a long distance relationship, with Teddy even sneaking away one weekend to visit him in Boston.