Wimpy guys dating

This is the aggressive guy who bristles up at the slightest provocation, or sometimes, even without any.

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His belligerent attitude and violent temper make it very uncomfortable to be around him. Initially he might put on a happy, even-tempered front and treat you well.

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But if you watch closely and observe him, his behaviour with others can give a strong indication about his temperament. The lecherous guy All women know this guy without having to get into detailed explanations about him. You often find him talking to your chest and you get the undeniable urge to put your hands up in order to shield yourself from his piercing stare.

If this guy ever had X-ray vision, God help all women.

He takes passiveness and indecisiveness to new heights. But this guy wants you to make his decisions for him.

Why Don’t Christian Guys Ask Me Out?

He vacillates and procrastinates and leaves you wanting to shake him out of his inertia. The controlling guy Have you ever been with a control freak? This guy has a plan and set ideas about everything. He is a creature of habit and will not make any concessions for your inability to conform to his expectations. This guy can also be very particular about punctuality, cleanliness and such other virtues.

Which are all very good, but if you are five minutes late you will possibly spend the rest of your date apologizing.

Frequent Cause of Divorce: The Wimpy Guy | HuffPost Life

The insecure guy He lacks in basic self-esteem and the onus of coping with it falls on you. His insecurities are manifested in various ways. It could be suspicion at your every move and closely questioning your motives.

Or jealousy, if your career is going better than his or some man finds you attractive or even if he finds you giving some other guy an appreciative glance. Skip to main content. I've always been small and weak for a guy only around 5'4. There are even a lot of woman that are taller and stronger then me.

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This has occasionally led to me being picked on. I recently had a humiliating experience at a party when a stronger girl tackled me to the floor and then restrained me by pinning me down siting on my chest and holding my arms down.

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I struggled but was unable to get free. Several of the other women in the audience were laughing and commenting on how weak I was and they would never date a guy like me, which only added to my humiliation. After a good long while at least minutes , she finally let me up.

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It's not the first time something like that has happened to me, and probably won't be the last. So what are your thoughts on guys like that. Would you date them?

And what are your thoughts on girls who like to do things like that to weaker guys? What would motivate them to do such things? Would you ever do that to a guy? I'd appreciate your input.

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